Baseball Philosophy

Practice with a purpose….. More than just drills and physical repetition, DC Baseball Academy instructors believe the development of young athletes is a progressive process requiring time, focus, and a willingness to learn.  Accordingly, we promote a positive and energetic environment where athletes are provided ample opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a controlled setting designed to be extremely positive, educational, and fun.  Our goal is that each player we work with is able to walk onto the field confident in their abilities and then to back that confidence up with a strong performance.

Playing baseball, developing skills, and enjoying the game does not have to end in the summer.  With our four large cages training can take place year round, and while we promote a balanced, multi-sport approach for youth athletes, there’s never a bad time to come swing a bat or throw the ball around!

DC Baseball Academy is committed to providing thoughtful, research-backed instruction so that players of all ages can realize their potential.  Whether your son or daughter has never picked up a bat or they are working towards playing in college, our excellent instructors will create a plan to meet their needs.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the game and our ability to make complex concepts easier to grasp by anyone that walks through our doors.

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