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Practice with a purpose….. More than just drills and physical repetition, DC Baseball Academy instructors believe the development of young athletes is a progressive process requiring time, purposeful direction, and focus. Accordingly, we promote a positive and energetic learning environment. Athletes are provided ample opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a controlled setting designed to be extremely positive, persistent and encouraging. All this concentrated effort to get the player to believe in their ability, committed to quality preparation.

Annual Memberships

We are excited to announce our new and greatly improved Membership program. We are offering more services, discounts and access than ever before! Add a sibling for only an additional $50 enrollment fee.

Facility Rentals

Our indoor baseball & softball training facility includes 4 batting cages, 2 of which can be split bringing the total to 6.  Each is equipped with the tools needed to take your game to the next level and beyond! The facility is fully turfed, well lit, and includes the best nets, screens, and machines for training. Conveniently located in the historic Saxonville.

ProMirror – Instant Feedback

It’s been proven athletes involved in skill specific movements learn better with visual feedback. Our Pro-Mirror Video Analysis System is the best real-time training tool for providing state of the art motion analysis. A high-speed camera and instant play back function allows for immediate feedback, correction, and comparisons to help visualize proper form.

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